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Join us on August 1st, 12:00pm - 4:00pm to start off the 2020 operating season.

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Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad

The Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad provides a tourist destination in Southeast Ohio, offering passenger train excursions on an exceptionally scenic and historic rail line known as the Glass Rock Spur.

Current Projects

Bridge Repair

We have numerous bridges on our line, unfortunately none of them are operational for passenger service. Its our goal to change that! We need to raise money to get the bridges inspected by an engineer to find out what needs to be fixed to begin offering rides over these fantastic looking bridges.

Donations $0.00 / $700,000

Track Maintenance

Our track work is a highly labor intensive, this is an ongoing project to replace ties, level the track, and to fix areas of erosion due to the creek. We do all this by hand to save money, but there are still costs involved, including grass killer spraying to keep the track visible and clean at all times.

Donations $0.00 / $50,000


As you may already know, fuel prices for your car isnt cheep. Even more so for a train and all our maintenance vehicles. Help us raise money to keep our operating costs lower and for us to be able to keep improving our line. Fuel donations are also accepted, please contact a board member today!

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Mt Perry Station

Coming Soon!

Donations $0.00 / $18,000